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For gamblers and Las Vegas alike, football season is high season. From September through January, there is virtually always a game to bet on, thanks to the abundance of college games and, of course, the NFL.

There are numerous ways to gamble on football since bookmakers are aware of the appetite for such wagers.

Using the Point Spread to Bet

Football معنی هندیکپis by far more popular when using the point spread. The odds-makers determine the point spread as a number to level the playing field for the two competing teams. The favored team will essentially be giving the underdog a specific number of points. 

The favorite must win the game by a margin greater than the point spread in order for those who bet on the favorite to win their money. Those who gambled on the underdog would win their money if the favorite lost the game or won it by fewer points than the point spread.

Here is an illustration of how to wager on a football game’s point spread. Consider that the Colts have a seven-point advantage over the 49ers. If you bet on the Colts (-7) to win, they would need to do it by at least eight points for your gamble to be successful. In contrast, if you choose the 49ers (+7), you may win the bet if the 49ers lose by no more than six points. The 49ers (+7) bet would also be profitable if the 49ers triumphed over the Colts handily. Finally, the wager would be deemed a “push,” and you would receive a refund or have your wager “no actioned” if the Colts win by exactly seven points.

Wagering on the total

The “total,” sometimes known as the “over/under,” is the anticipated total of points scored by two rival football teams. You can choose to wager on the “over” or the “under.” If you bet on the “over,” the two teams must score more points collectively than the indicated “total” in order for the wager to be successful. If you bet on the “under,” neither team can score more points than the indicated “total” in order for your wager to win.

For instance, a sportsbook has the Ravens vs. Steelers game’s “total” at 38. If the combined score of the two teams is 39 points or more, bets on the “over” will win, while bets on the “under” will lose. The ‘under’ wagers would win, and the ‘over’ wagers would lose if they added up to less than 39 points. Both “over” and “under” bets would be classified as a “push” and “no actioned” if the final total of all points was exactly 38.

Putting money on the line

The money line is a third well-liked football betting option. The final score is irrelevant when هندیکپ چیست on the money line because you are selecting a team to win the game outright.

Although this idea is as simple as it gets, knowing the odds for money line bets differs greatly from understanding the odds for point spread bets. The underdog squad typically has a plus (+) sign in front of a three-digit number, whereas the favorite will typically have a negative (-) sign.

Here is an illustration of a football money line wager. The Dolphins are a -160 favorite over the Jets, who are a +130 underdog. In the event that the Dolphins win, you would win $100 for every $160 staked if you choose to back them. On the other hand, if you thought the Jets were a good value bet and they ended up winning the game, you would win $130 for every $100 you staked.

Teasers and Parlays

There are other additional wagering options for football, such as parlays and teasers.

Parlays are a well-liked wager type throughout the football season since they allow gamblers to increase their winnings from a little or moderate-sized wager.

A parlay is a single wager that combines many choices or games. For the parlay to be considered a winner, each of the picks must triumph. Since every pick must succeed, the payments go bigger as more choices are included.

Consider placing a $100 parlay on the Chargers -7 and Patriots -3, for example. Given that the typical payout for a two-team parlay is 13:5, you would win $260 if both games were covered.

As previously stated, the payouts increase with the number of teams in the parlay. Depending on the bookmaker, a ten-team parlay, for instance, pays out at a rate of about 700:1. If all ten picks came in, you might win $1400 for a $2 investment.

Teasers: Another term you’ll hear from football bettors every week is “teaser.”

Teaser bets are single wager that requires the selection of at least two games and allows you to alter the spread or total in your favor by a certain number of points.

Consider that you wish to place a 6-point teaser on the Raiders at +10 and the Bengals at -3. You can now get the Raiders (+16 points) and the Bengals (+3 points) by baiting each game by 6 points. Both of these teaser spreads must cover in order for you to win the bet because this is regarded as a single wager.

Football teasers are typically permitted for 6, 6, 12, or 7 points, depending on the sports book. Additionally, depending on the sportsbook, they frequently let anywhere between two and fifteen team teasers.

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