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Book Review- Should Read Fifty Shades of Grey

I anticipated it to be too soft or perhaps too hard, too sentimental or maybe too dark and disturbing, but none of these effects were. Instead, it was a veritably sensuous and interesting look at a gorgeous, rich man with a partiality for domination and his fascination with a naive 21- year-old whom he met by chance.

Why is Fifty Shades such a megahit? Is it because wedded women are bored with the familiarity of their sex lives and single women find theirs to be erratic and unstable? Are manly readers featuring about tying up their womanish mates?

Or is it because, at heart, North America continues to have deeply equivocal passions toward sex? On the one hand, we use sex to sell everything from cleaners to magazines and, according to Forbes Magazine, pornography is a2.5 to 4 billion- bone business. But, on the other hand, we are not likely to tell our master that we’re late for work because we had a quickie with the coming-door neighbor after breakfast and lost track of time. That is not just because sex is a private issue but rather because we feel a sense of shame or discomfort talking about it. Our puritanical roots still imprison us; this is particularly prominent in fundamentalist religions, which are anti-sex.

And much like strict dieting causes a pining for sweets or carbohydrates, a fear, hatred, or taboo of normal sexual urges can affect either avoidance of similar exertion or intemperance. So, when we see commodity mainstream that screams SEX, it sells.

Also, I believe compendiums are drawn to both the love books like 50 shades of grey -Anastasia Steele falls head over heels for Christian Grey-and the forbidden nature of the arrangement. Due to childhood abuse, abandonment, and other complicated factors, Christian cannot love, although we suspect that he may evolve during the trio. Like vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight, Christian becomes the symbol for Every Charming Yet Unattainable Man, and just as some women want to tame bad boys, others want to make the unattainable man their own.

In addition, Christian has a fetish for BDSM and Anastasia has never tried bondage or submission. When she does, she’s not sure if she likes it. This conflict-I want him, I am falling for him, but he’ll no way love me, and he derives pleasure from hurting me is at the crux of the book and is what makes it interesting. However, amenable life, the book would be dull, If both parties were committed to the dominance.

The sex scenes are hot, and the author addresses sex in a frank, unembarrassed, yet delicate manner. This isn’t pornography. It’s not indeed soft porn. And as far as I am concerned, it’s not slighting to women because the dominant/ amenable relationship is consensual. Both genders and any exposure (i.e., straight, gay, bisexual, or transgender) could play either part. It’s a largely sensual love, indeed, for those who have no desire to be someone’s coitus slave, and it appears to be chick lit. I cannot imagine numerous men wading their way through all 528 runners, but my good friend told me that couples on The Dr. Oz Show read the book together, and the men were veritably turned on.

It’s hard to describe how a book that links climaxing with pain could arouse anything but despair in someone who isn’t a sadomasochist. In this respect, the book reminds me of Darkly, Featuring Dexter. Veritably many people sympathize with serial killers, but our darling Dexter is portrayed so that you have to love him indeed when he’s conniving to decapitate someone who fails to meet his moral norms. Therefore, although numerous compendiums may have no interest in S&M, they may still find this tale exhilarating.

James indulges in a huge degree of repetition, and the characters are ridiculously one-dimensional and unrealistic. This isn’t a literary novel. It’s juvenile in numerous congratulations, and I skimmed large parts, especially the sex scenes. She could have cut them in half and used further originality. Although the book is a raw dealer, the Amazon community is divided on whether it’s worth reading at all, and numerous reviewers hated it or found it offensive.